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Darvill Racing Makes History…!

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Darvill Racing to compete at the International Southern 100 Road Races using eBikes

Darvill Racing is pleased to announce that an agreement has been reached with the ACU and Southern 100 club to allow us to enter electric motorcycles into this year’s event.

Darvill Racing, which was established in 1957 will be the first team to complete in a pure road race alongside conventional ICE (Internal Combustion Engines) anywhere in the world. Darvill Racing is committed to developing technologies to reduce the ever decreasing gap between ICE bikes and eBikes

This ground breaking opportunity demonstrates the forward thinking of both the ACU and Southern 100 Club both of which are blazing the trail in the integration of this exciting technology.

During 2014 Darvill Racing will directly participate in an extensive programme of top-level championships. Competing in the Pre-TT, TT, Southern 100, Classic TT, Manx Grand Prix, ThundersportGB and Andreas Championships. We have committed to a number of international races and have some individual and diverse one-off events planned.

Darvill Racing will be factory supported by Brammo in the USA utilising their eSuperStock and TTXP2 machines.
From cutting-edge design to efficient manufacturing Brammo strives to elevate performance in every facet of the eMotorcycle arena, we are extremely proud of this relationship.

Alex Aitchison – Darvill Racing Team Principal: “We are extremely pleased to be given the opportunity to be the first team to compete with ICE machines in a pure road race event anywhere in the world. We are looking forward to working with the ACU and Southern 100 club. Spending time with Gary (Thompson) and his team it is evident that the ACU are committed to being the leading light in the field.

Derek Nicholson – President of the Southern 100 Club: “Since the first Southern 100 was run in 1955, the club has always been progressive in its thinking and this year is no exception as we will witness the very first motorcycle race which will see ‘conventional’ racing machines competing with and against electric powered machines at the 2014 Southern 100 International Road Races. A first for Billown and the Isle of Man, in fact for the world.”

Gary Thompson – ACU General Secretary and Clerk of the Course for the Isle of Man TT: “We are extremely pleased to be working with Darvill Racing – a brand that is synonymous with success, passion for racing, and the development of innovative and cutting edge machinery. Electric Vehicles are now at an advanced enough stage that they can compete with conventional technologies and we are proud to be in a position to support the inclusion of the first mixed race on Roads anywhere in the world. It is truly an exciting time for motorcycle racing.

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