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The team is set up in the NW200 paddock. More pics and updates throughout the week! 🏍💨 https://t.co/o0pOlkcXFV

Lizzy 'Halfpint' Warden

Lizzy 'Halfpint' Warden

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Lizzy 'Halfpint' Warden
Darvill Devil's Club Organiser & Pit-board Official

Where do I start….?
I have been a TT fan for almost 20 years having made my first pilgrimage
to the Isle of Man in 1994 with my Pops, and haven’t missed a year
I am an Ambassador for the TT Marshals Association and have been marshaling
the TT for 9 years. This is where my connection with Darvill Racing comes in
having marshaled with Rebecca and Keef for the last 8 years. 
In 2013 I was given the opportunity to join the Darvill Racing Team for a short
time in the paddock at the Festival of Motorcycling where I finally met Alex in
real life!  

I was invited to join the team for the 4 hour Endurance race
at Jurby in October where we had a successful day finishing second (and beating some excellent competition in the process!)

Rebecca ‘Chewbecca’ Wallis and I are currently in the
planning process of starting up Darvill Devils an exclusive club for our supporters to be more involved and to
become part of the Darvill Racing family. The supporter’s club will give people
the chance to assist the Team with their racing season. In return our
“Darvill Devils” will get the opportunity to win paddock experiences, team
merchandise, newsletters monthly and lots more exciting ideas in process!

The aim of the Darvill Devils is to cover team costs with
any profit going to charity.
Details about the Darvill Devils will be released in the very near future. … Watch this space!

Darvill Devils!

Racing Supporters Club