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Eric (Ecca) Lenser

Eric (Ecca) Lenser

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Eric (Ecca) Lenser

I’ve been somewhat obsessed with bikes all my life, and started riding just after I learnt to walk (OK, I was about 8years old, but I was a lazy child)
Dirt bikes were replaced by road bikes about the time that a drivers licence became possible, and a mechanical apprenticeship was under way.

After becoming a ride day addict and part time marshal (hated it, cold, wet and lonely. Big respect to all the marshals out there!) a plan was hatched to have a go at racing. So with the around the turn of the millennium, an Aprilia 250 appeared, replacing the bigger sports bikes in the garage
Between 2002 and 2004 I raced 250 production, managing to win my club title for 250 production novice in the first year, and 250 production outright in 2004.

2005 saw a switch to 250GP, following a dream I had of always wanting to race “proper” race bikes. That dream resulted in a season of crashes and a several months in plaster casts while learning that GP bikes demand finesse, unlike the brute force a Production bike accepts.
2006 saw a best place 4th in both my club championship for 250GP, but also 4th at the “Stars of Tomorrow” meeting at phillip island (oh the irony !)

A change of country and other life type things saw a sabbatical, before restarting in the French national hillclimb championship in 2010, in the “Open” class riding my beloved 250 Honda. The following 3 years saw 7th, 8 and 7th places respectively against some seasoned players.

A friend’s invite to go race a real road circuit in the republic Czech in 2012 gave me a taste for the Natural circuits, and in 2013 I decided to concentrate on real road racing, with the Manx my goal. As luck would have it road circuits suited me as well, and I managed to finish second in 250GP in the WUSA (eastern Europe real road race) series 2013. In 2014 I repeated that, but more importantly I managed to win the Czech road race title in 250GP, as well as 6th in supertwin racing a stock SV650.

2014 also saw me finally race the mountain circuit at the Manx, the Darvill team getting me over the line in 11th in newcomers B. A mechanical failure caused me to retire from the lightweight, but that has just given me the hunger to return!
And, if all that isn’t enough, 2015, in what must only be considered a moment of weakness, in the “off” weekends I decided to be a passenger on a classic sidecar in the French classic (RSMC) championship, which is a whole new game.