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Does REALRIDER® record my speed?

The answer is no and it’s the number one question we’re asked.

The system uses GPS to track your route. The REALsafe® crash detection system is triggered when sensors detect an impact. None of the information is recorded. There is no record of your speed or any other telemetry. It’s not possible to diagnose the sensor information in any way shape or form – therefore it’s not possible for the data to be used in any other way than we intended.

REALsafe® is a good idea. But what if I drop my phone during coffee and fuel stops, or forget to end route when I reach my destination – will it trigger?

The App includes a unique system called ‘Auto Pause’ which uses GPS and accelerometer data to automatically pause REALsafe® during coffee or fuel stops and resumes when you start riding. It works in the same way when you reach your destination. These are safeguards to ensure false activations don’t occur.

Will you notify the Police?

No. Our App sends your location, medical and contact details directly to the Ambulance Service.

Does REALsafe® work outside of the UK?

Not at the moment. As it connects to the UK Ambulance Service (NHS), it is only available in Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland. There are plans to operate the service outside of the UK in the future.

What about if I have a spill and don’t need an Ambulance but I don’t have time to deactivate the alarm?

The main ‘crash alert’ gives a rider 120 seconds to deactivate. Failure to deactivate will result in a call from the Ambulance Control Team; if you are injured they will follow their triage system to get you the treatment you need.

If you are OK but do not manage to deactivate the ‘crash alert’ within the 120 second period, hit the on-screen ‘Call 999’ button and let the control room know you are a REALRIDER® and don’t require assistance.

There is no come-back, no finger pointing, no associated charges and no follow-up from any unwanted or unexpected 3rd parties.

Will REALsafe® work if I mount my phone on the bike?

The App is specifically designed to be on the rider rather than attached to the bike, say on the handlebars. This accounts for 2 separate issues – one being that in an accident, the bike and rider are often not in the same place, but more importantly it takes care of another issue – vibration.
All motorbikes create vibrations, which creates an oscillation effect. That effect is passed right through the bike frame and into both the suspension system and the rider. Modern Smartphones have an array of sensors inside that allow REALsafe® to measure effects like gravity and rotation to determine that the rider has fallen. Those same sensors are also affected by vibration if the phone is directly connected to some part of the bike structure – like the handlebars.

The magnitude of the vibration depends on the type of bike, engine size, body weight, age of the bike, type of seating, type of suspension and road surface factors etc. These vibrations are transmitted to the buttocks and back along the vertical axis via the base and back of the seat. The foot pegs and handlebars transmit additional vibrations to the feet and hands of the rider.

During motorcycle riding, due to its unbalancing nature, it creates enormous vibration and affects the bioelectric system of the human body. The human body is amazing at dampening the effect of the vibration and reducing the effect of the bikes natural vibration on the phone – therein not confusing or interfering with the REALsafe® as it checks the sensors in the phone for a potential accident.

Will my data be sold to third parties, such as insurance or claims management companies?

Your data is not sold to any 3rd parties. Fact. And as we don’t record it, we’re not in a position to pass it on to any third party. The system was designed in this way and performs as it was designed. It has been developed as a safety aid, and nothing more.





Lee Allen
Lee Allen
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