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Historically automotive sponsorship used to consist of a sticker on a fairing and a patch on your leathers… those days are long gone. Sponsorship of any sport was often driven by a personal agenda; now (especially now) and in the future it, sponsorship, has to work for the business and the brand… Up until now we have focused on return on investment (ROI) when approaching companies and individuals for support, however return on objectives (ROO) delivers more qualitative metrics such as product satisfaction or media monitoring

To begin we need to ask:

Three simple questions – unfortunately often asked at the wrong times. Sponsors have limited resources – teams even less; sponsors can see the audience but sometimes just can’t achieve the ‘brand-to-fan’ connection; sponsors get frustrated when ‘an integrated campaign’ only results in a ‘point-of-purchase’ leaflet dispenser.

So, sponsors expect more …and so do the fans. The sport becomes the conduit and the touch-point for sure – but – it (the communication) has to sustained, honest and consistent.


The following Companies have seen the benefits, will you….?

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In short we can provide a fully tailored solution, and are happy to discuss any ideas that you may have. Please drop us a line to find out more.




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Janey King
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